Ekland Stone is a family run limestone quarrying and processing company
supplying private and commercial customers with Baltic Grey Limestone all over Scandinavia and the Nordic region.
Sales of our unique limestone products are also growing in the United Kingdom and North America.
We operate three quarries, each with its own unique limestone, close to the shores of the Baltic Sea
with the main stone processing factory based on the beautiful Estonian island of Saaremaa.
We work with leading architects and interior designers across Scandinavia
to create and deliver interior stone solutions as well as exterior facades in our unique limestones.


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Our Baltic Grey Limestone starts its journey deep under the Swedish island of Öland and stretches 1200 km all the way to St Petersburg in Russia. The limestone rises to the earth’s surface on the island of Saaremaa in the Baltic Sea where it has been quarried for centuries. Baltic Grey Limestone is an extremely dense dolomitic limestone and due to its high abrasion resistance it can be used in areas of high foot traffic and for kitchen countertops. Due to its high frost resistance Baltic Grey Limestone can also be used for exterior applications such as stone tile facades.


The rock bed of Gotland Grey-Beige Limestone begins near the Swedish island of Gotland and is quarried on the island of Saaremaa. As it’s name suggests, Gotland Grey-Beige Limestone is grey in colour with some lighter beige tones visible. Due to its high frost resistance, Gotland Grey-Beige Limestone is widely used for exterior wall cladding and building stone.


Åland Grey-Beige Limestone is widely used as a facade tile due to its high frost resistance. As its name suggests, Åland Grey-Beige Limestone has a mixture of grey and beige colour tones. These colours blend very well together when the stone is used for exterior building facades.