Bespoke work

Bespoke work

Our CNC cutting technology allows us to cut our stone according to our client’s specification.
Stairs, balustrades, fireplaces, cornicing, architraves and skirting profiles are all within our capability.

In the absence of original drawings we are able to recreate copies of original sculptures and stone detailing from photo images downloaded to our CNC machine.
This is particularly useful when working with buildings under historical protection when repairs must be in accordance with the original design.


Baltic Grey Limestone with honed finish is most commonly used for indoor areas including private homes and public areas such as hotels, restaurants and museums. The surface is smooth with a matt finish and is very easy to clean and maintain. Honed surface finish is also suitable for exterior facades when using Åland Grey-Beige Limestone and Gotland Grey-Beige Limestone.


The Gotland Grey limestone rock bed begins near the island of Gotland and is quarried on the island of Saaremaa. As it’s name implies the stone is grey in colour with some lighter grey tones visible. Due to its high frost resistance, this stone is widely used for exterior wall cladding and building stone.